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Our Mission/Philosophy

Our mission is to provide superior services and solutions that bring our customers greater value than our competitors. In support of our basic mission, we maintain the following operating philosophies.

Operating Philosophies:

  1. Health, Safety and Environment – The health and safety of our employees is our highest priority.  We expect and demand that our people consider their health and safety of the utmost importance.  We will continue to operate our business in a manner that actively promotes health and safety for both our employees and the community.  We recognize this long term commitment which will require continual improvement to our operating practices as advances are made in health and safety.
  2. Quality – Quality means setting goals to meet current long term requirements of our customers, our employees, our community and the company.  We recognize that we will only achieve this using all the resources of all our people.  We also wish to create and maintain a harmonious atmosphere in which every person is proudly associated with this company.
  3. Productivity – Since productivity is essential to remain competitive, we will continue to invest in state of the art equipment and modern procedures.
  4. Profitability – We endeavour to produce profits at a level which will ensure that new funds are available to move forward into innovative areas.

Adherence to these basic principles will sustain the viability of our business and allow us to continue to provide a high level of service to our customers, benefiting both our employees and our community.

Keith Sabiston,